Hi friends! I'm excited to post my second solo cryptic. I really like this one and think it's a good progression from my first (and I hope you agree!). Thanks to Steve Mossberg and Will Eisenberg for their test solves! Speaking of Will, make sure you go do his Browser cryptic, which is very good.

As always, if you solve it, stream it, like it, or hate it, I'd love to know, so consider leaving a comment below or emailing us. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] | [Fullscreen solve w/ helpers] | [jpz]

-Dob Olino-
February 16, 2023


  1. Hey Dob, we're about to stream your puzzle, hope we enjoy or hate as well! THanks, your friends, The CrossNerds?

  2. Hey Dob, we just streamed your puzzle, thanks for making it it was a blast, a lot like the first one was, except this one was a blast as well, which can only happen when it's the second one. Get it? I think I do, I used a lot of commas in the last sentence and now I can't type but you can't tell that because I liberally use the delete button. Clearly not enough though or these comments would be more cohearent. I don't know how to spell koherent. Thanks!


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