Hi there! Here's a new lightly-themed 15x for your solving pleasure (hopefully). Thanks to Rose for the test solve!

As always, if you solve it, stream it, like it, or hate it, I'd love to know, so consider leaving a comment below or emailing us. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] | [.jpz]

-Dob Olino-
September 06, 2022


  1. fun!!!! 60A is beautiful (as is the rest!!!) 100/10 more puzzles pls

  2. Gosh, just so good all over the place; I wrote it up on my blog, but really loved the references to The Room, to the "massager," to textspeak, and that awesome example for vis-à-vis. Theme was nice, too, and I don't like circles as a rule.


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