Hi friends, Dob here and I come bearing a new themeless 15x. I hope you find the solve tasty as the post's photo (which hints at this puzzle's seed entry). Thanks to Kelsey for the test solve and helpful feedback, as always.

One special note about this puzzle: it was made using new construction software called Ingrid, developed by Ryan Fitzgerald (you can find another of his creations, an indispensable anagram-solving tool called Ducktiles here). Ingrid is still in alpha, but it's already my go-to construction software and I'm super excited to see it grow. Thanks, Ryan!

As always if you solve it, stream it, like it, or hate it, I'd love to know, so consider leaving a comment below or emailing us. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] | [.puz]

-Dob Olino-
July 31, 2022



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