Hey look, it's another guest puzzle! This time, it's an acrostic from Quiara Vasquez and Alex Boisvert! Here's what Alex has to say about this puzzle:

Quiara told me she wanted to make this quote into an acrostic a long time ago, and we finally were able to get together and do it. Thanks to Crossweird for offering to host it for us!

We're super stoked Quiara and Alex wanted us to host this and we're excited to solve it. As we always do, we'll be doing so live on Twitch, so we hope you can come check it out. Thanks and enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve]

-Quiara Vasquez and Alex Boisvert-
June 04, 2022


  1. filled in the last sentence from two letters (107 and 110). will go outside and touch grass for a while


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