Hi friends, this hot, new puzzle is from two of our all-time Twitch buds, and crossword extraordinaires, Norah Sharpe and Alex Boisvert! This is approximately Norah's 671st puzzle on our site, but it's Alex's debut! *hold for applause*

We don't know anything about this puzzle and we're posting it blindly, but here's what Norah and Alex have to say:

"Thanks for being awesome twitch streamers and for hosting our puzzle. Thanks to Will Eisenberg for the test solve. We hope you enjoy!"

Thank you, Norah and Alex, and we can't wait to solve this on stream! As always, if you solve it, stream it, or have any thoughts, let us know via email or in the comments below. Thanks and enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] [.jpz]

[Photo by Lyn Lomasi. CC BY 2.0 License]
-Norah Sharpe and Alex Boisvert-
February 02, 2022


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