Hi, it's me, Dob, and this puzzle is one of my own! It's a 15x with a theme that nobody who knows me will be surprised to see, as I'm a ridiculous coffee geek. This is only my second solo construction (you can do my debut here) and I'm happy with the improvements I've made, but I'm always trying to improve, so feel free to provide any feedback you have by leaving a comment below or emailing us.

Thanks to my friend and crossword extraordinaire Norah Sharpe for the test solve! Enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] [.puz]

-Dob Olino-
September 10, 2021


  1. Thoroughly enjoyable! Though part of me is yelling, "You can't be this good if you just started setting!" :D

    1. You're too kind, Dritters, but I appreciate it!


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