We're so excited about this new guest post, which is an 11x11 themeless by Emily aka meatdaddy! They're one of the freshest new voices in the Twitch crossword community and this is quite a debut puzzle!

Emily says: "taps mic Hey, can y’all hear me? What about in the back? Are my levels okay? Louder? Don’t enable me.

Anyway, I’m VERY excited to share my first puzzle! I’ve always loved crosswords, word games (I was and still am a menace to play Mad Libs with), and having fun with language, so it’s really been such a treat for me to learn how to make these. I think crosswords are a lovely way to talk about the things you’re interested in, and I think this puzzle is proof of just how much VH1 I watched growing up. I hope you enjoy it!

I also just wanted to give a shout out to the Twitch crossword community that has welcomed me with open arms - it’s been so much fun playing games with you all during an otherwise grim timeline and there’s a reason I carve out time in my schedule to spend time with you all. Sending my love!

A special thanks to Dob and Norah for testing the puzzle - your expertise and time is much appreciated, particularly to someone who’s still very new to this. Looking forward to taking your suggestions with me into my future puzzles!

And another special thanks to Crossweird for hosting this puzzle! I REALLY love the work Dob and Momes are doing, and I feel really fortunate to have my puzzle on here.


Thanks again, Emily, for letting us host this great puzzle! Enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] [.puz]

August 27, 2021


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